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2021 Theme ANNOUNCED: Magnificent Mythical Menagerie
Next Love Burn is planned for February 25-28, 2021

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Large events are currently on hold in the City of Miami for public safety reasons including no large event permitting (updated November 2020)
Let's stay healthy and keep the community alive here online.


This map is for Love Burn 2020 that happened in February. 

Huge Thanks to countless hours this map was created by our Volunteer Placement Team. 

The map includes 140+ Theme Camps and 80+ Art Projects, among all the other layers of Portapotties, Fencing, Roads, and much, much more. 

It was a pleasure to welcome you all home in 2020.

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We received more than 100 Amazing Art Proposals for Love Burn 2020. 
Over the years, Love Burn has celebrated art of all shapes, sizes, styles and regions of the world. Our Community seeks art that fulfills our Mission to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art.  
  • Interactive: Can participants interact with the art?
  • Connect: Is there an active team willing to help create the art?
  • Inspire: Does the art offer innovative concepts inspires others?
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What Does "Love Burn" 
Mean To You...?
Love Burn was founded as camping event for friends to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art. 

Over the years, The Love Burn has grown from a small group to more than 4,000 builders, creators, artists, doers, musicians and friends. We gather together annually on the beautiful island in Miami to grow, share, learn, be, and celebrate the possibilities of life, art, music and love.

Please share what Love Burn means to you on our Community Page on FB, IG or your favorite social media. Please #loveburn. 
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    2021 Event Theme: 
    Magnificent Mythical Menagerie


    Mechanical, Theatrical, and Psychological Encouraged!!
    Letter From the Jester:
    Under the Patronage of the Emperor of the Seven Realms
    The Majesty’s Magnificent Mythical Menagerie

    One Time Only in Miami, the whole of this Magnificent and Immense Mythological Menagerie will be celebrating in Historic Virginia Key: it will indisputably be the most Rich, Grand and Complete Collection of Rare and Beautiful Mythological Creatures of Folklore and Imagination that was ever known to travel through any part of This New World and will be now offered for active creation and participation of Burners and Friends Alike at the Extraordinary, Curious and Magnanimous Theme Camps brought by the community for all throughout the commodious grounds and white sand beaches.

    The Grandest Embodiment of Cultural Imagination and Immoral Amusement either Hemisphere has Ever Known in All History!
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